Surface Water Protection Permitting

Protecting Arizona’s surface waters is crucial to the state’s future. Clean water is essential for drinking water, irrigation, recreation and a healthy environment. Arizona’s surface waters are protected by Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) permits, which place strict limits on all pollutants discharged into protected Arizona surface waters.

Who Needs a Permit?

If you are a municipality or commercial industrial facility discharging pollutants to a protected Arizona surface water, you must have an AZPDES permit prior to discharge.

Which Permit Do I Need?

The type of industry and operations at your facility determine which type of permit you need. 

AZPDES General Permits

  • Construction General Permit | Learn More >
  • Multi-Sector General Permit (for certain industries that have stormwater runoff) | Learn More >
  • Mining Multi-Sector General Permit (for mining industries that have stormwater runoff) | Learn More >
  • Phase II MS4 General Permit (for small cities or counties with stormwater runoff) | Learn More >
  • De Minimis General Permit | Learn More >
  • Pesticides General Permit | Learn More >
  • Biosolids General Permit | Learn More >

Applications for some of these general permits may be submitted via myDEQ, ADEQ's online portal  | Learn More >

Individual AZPDES Permits

If you do not see your industry listed above, you may need an individual AZPDES permit. These permits are custom written to a facility’s type. For questions about permit coverage, please email ADEQ | Email >

Protected Surface Water Resources

List of Protected Surface Waters | View >
Map to Protected Surface Waters* | View >

Interested in our new Surface Water Protection Program for discharge to Non-WOTUS Waters? | Learn More >