What is the required Tier 2 reporting deadline?

March 1 for the previous calendar year's Tier 2 report. (For example, the 2019 Tier 2 report is due March 1, 2020.) The reporting season begins January 1.

What is considered the "current year" for Tier 2 reports?

For Tier 2 reporting, "current year," means the previous calendar year. (For example, 2019 Tier 2 reports must be certified beginning Jan. 1, 2020.) 

What if I miss the March 1 deadline?

If you miss the March 1 deadline, prepare a Tier 2 report as soon as possible, as it may impact your facility's reporting compliance. 

Can I prepare my Tier 2 report prior to January 1 for the reporting season?

Yes. Reports can be prepared prior to January 1 of the reporting season. The report cannot be certified until after January 1. A report is considered "submitted" only after it has been certified.

When do I report any additions or changes to my chemical lists for my existing Tier 2 report?

Any changes to your Tier 2 report must be made within 60 days of the change.

When do I report a new facility that has reportable chemicals subject to Tier 2?

The facility must prepare a Tier 2 report online within 60 days of any chemical, on site, that has a reportable quantity on the Tier 2 Portal | Report Now >  

How do I recover the password to log in to my Tier 2 account?

Please use the "retrieve password" link located on the Tier 2 login page. Instructions will be sent to the email associated with the account.

How can I access the Tier 2 website if I do not have the password?

Email [email protected]. A temporary password will be emailed to you, and then you can update your password.

Can I change the contact information and password on our Tier 2 account?

Yes. Update the contact information and password by clicking on the contact's name in the upper-right-hand corner on your Tier 2 account webpage.

Can the username be changed?

Yes, you can change the username by sending an email to [email protected] with the new username.

How do I update my facility's physical address?

In your Tier 2 account, select your facility. Then select the "Facility Identification" tab to change the address.

What if my facility doesn't have a physical address?

In your Tier 2 account, select your facility, and then select the "Facility Identification tab." Next, check the "Has no Address" box and a map will appear. Click the area on the map closest to your facility's location and save the changes. Enter the nearest cross streets to your facility's location in the box labeled "Cross Streets, Landmarks, Directions."

How do I change our email address associated with our Tier2 account?

In your Tier 2 account, click the name in the upper-right-hand corner of the page to update your email address.

What if I cannot successfully save and continue or open the individual chemical details screen after entering a report?

Please verify that you are using the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser to access the site. If you continue to have trouble, email [email protected], describing the problem for assistance.

When I click "register" for online Tier 2 Chemical Reporting System, I receive a message that says "the facility is already registered." What do I do?

If your facility is already registered in the Tier 2 system for your company, the primary account holder will have to create an account for you and grant you access. If the primary account holder is no longer with your company, please notify [email protected].

Can I transfer the HAZMAT information previously submitted into our new account?

No. Previous reports are tied to the Tier 2 account in which they were originally reported.

What are the specific reporting requirements for spills that are of reportable quantities?

Facilities must first call and report to 602-771-2330 (24-hour line) for a non-emergency spills. If the spill requires response from the Emergency Response Team (ERT), you can contact the 24-hour duty officer at 602-390-7894.

What do the blue, red and green lines next to the report mean?

The blue line means the report has been marked as exempt.1 The red line means the Tier 2 report is uncertified, and the green line means the Tier 2 report is certified.

How do I enter a product that is a blend of several types of chemicals if the system will only accept one Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Number?

In your Tier 2 account, select the Tier 2 tab and select the facility. Then select the "Chemical Specifics" tab and select "add a chemical." Under the chemical description, select the "Mix" button. A CAS number is not required if the chemical is entered as a mixture.

What other agencies do I send my facility emergency response plan (FERP) to?

The SERC, LEPCs and local Fire Departments are required to have a copy of your FERP.  The SERC and LEPCs receive the FERPs electronically when uploaded to the Tier 2 system.

Who is the regulatory body for environmental spills?

The EPA is the regulatory agency.  The State of Arizona follows EPA's guidelines for spills and reporting. 

Arizona laws relating to the environment | View Arizona Revised Statues (ARS) § 49-126 through § 49-131 >

Will an invoice be generated for my reporting fees?

Yes. Select the dashboard tab. An invoice is generated after clicking on the "PAY NOW" button located on the bottom-right-hand corner of the page.