House Bill 2704 Enhances UST Financial Assistance Programs

Effective Aug. 27, 2019, legislation through House Bill 2704 (HB 2704) has revised and enhanced the financial assistance programs available to underground storage tank (UST) owners, operators and property owners.

How Does the Bill Affect the Tank Site Improvment Program (TSIP)?

  • Increases the maximum dollar amounts for each eligible activity
  • Provides up to $15,000 per site for over-excavation of petroleum contamination found during UST removal

Learn more about site improvements eligible for reimbursement and help prevent future costly cleanups | Learn More >

How Does the Bill Affect the Preapproval Program?

Preparation Costs1

Reimbursement is now available for costs associated with the preparation of the approved application and consulting expenses for participating in the initial kick-off meeting. The reimbursement is limited to not more than 2 percent of the first year’s corrective action costs. Learn more about kickoff meetings and reimbursement criteria | Learn More >

Eligibility for Non-Preapproved Activities

Reimbursement may be available for corrective actions completed Dec. 31, 2015 – Dec. 31, 2019, even if those actions were not preapproved by ADEQ | Learn More >

Expedited Preapproval Process

ADEQ has developed an expedited preapproval process to address corrective actions for newly discovered contamination and corrective actions necessary to avoid risk to public health and the environment | Learn More >

How Does the Bill Affect Unrecovered Corrective Action Costs?

UST owners, operators and property owners that are not eligible for financial assistance under the Preapproval or State Lead Corrective Action Programs may elect to receive funding assistance through ADEQ in exchange for a lien on their property. ADEQ is developing a process for assignment of lien based on changes in market value as determined by a commercial real estate appraiser.