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Air Quality Division

Posted May 3, 2021
Environmental Scientist - Legal Specialist
As a Legal Specialist in our Air Quality Division, your responsibilities will include drafting State Implementation Plans (SIPs), including pollutant-specific nonattainment area, infrastructure and rule-based plans, as well as other regulatory required reports, to be submitted to the U.S. EPA | Go to Apply >

Posted April 20, 2021
Program Manager – Air Permit Unit
Our Air Permits Unit Manager is responsible for managing a team of environmental professionals in the Facilities Emissions Control (FEC) Value Stream who are involved in air quality permit writing and reviewing permit related reports to assess facility compliance status | Go to Apply >

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Water Quality Division

Posted March 24, 2021
Hydrogeologist 1-2
As a member of a creative, motivated and talented team, you will be working with other hydrogeologists and engineers to evaluate applications for Aquifer Protection Permits, evaluating the quantity, quality, and availability of groundwater; analyzing hydrogeological data and interpreting analytical results; and studying the fate and transport of environmental pollution in groundwater. You also will be conducting risk analyses of groundwater vulnerability including evaluation, costing and implementation of site remediation in the State of Arizona | Go to Apply >

Waste Programs Division

Posted April 28, 2021
Environmental Science Specialist - Project Manager
This Environmental Science Specialist will be a Project Manager for the Corrective Action Unit (CAU). They will ensure that leaking UST (Underground Storage Tank) cases are progressing towards closure, remediation is implemented when necessary and reporting time frames are met. | Go to Apply >

Posted April 7, 2021
Unit Manager – Underground Storage Tank
Our Unit Manager for the Leak Prevention Unit is responsible for managing the operating functions of the unit. The Unit manages a variety of leak prevention activities include both non-corrective action programs, suspected release investigation, release confirmation, service provider certifications, and plan reviews | Go to Apply >

Posted March 19, 2021
Program Manager – Hazardous Waste
Our Program Manager for the Hazardous Waste Permits and Support Unit is responsible for managing the day to day functions of the unit. This unit is responsible for the permitting of hazardous waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities (aka TSDF’s) in the state of Arizona. In addition this unit also approves Pollution Prevention Plans (aka P2 plans), Recycling or Sustainability support, and all aspects related to Data Management of Hazardous Waste Generators, Transporters, and TSDF’s | Go to Apply >

Posted March 15, 2021
Safety Management Specialist
As our Safety Management Specialist, you will exercise considerable independent judgment within established safety program policies and procedures required for the entire agency. You have the authority to ensure the Agency occupational safety programs, policies, inspections, incidents and loss control complaints, referrals and trainings are completed to ensure our employees' safety | Go to Apply >

Mission Partners (Operations Support)

Posted April 8, 2021
Emergency Response Specialist
As our Emergency Response Specialist, you will to coordinate efforts and resources within the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to respond to and investigate hazardous materials/pollutant events or actual or potential threats | Go to Apply >

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