Bret Parke - Deputy Director

Bret Parke became ADEQ’s deputy director in October 2015. The appointment marked a return to ADEQ for Parke, who began his legal career as a staff attorney for the agency before becoming Administrative Counsel in 2010. He held that post until April 2012 when he was named Arizona Department of Administration’s General Counsel.

As General Counsel, Parke provided legal advice on the state’s myriad administrative practices — everything from procurement and risk management to government accounting and finance, state facilities construction, IT security, and employment and personnel services. He also chaired the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council, which oversees and approves adoption of state agency rules.

As Administrative Counsel at ADEQ, Parke served as the top legal advisor to the agency director. He also chaired five internal committees, managed ADEQ’s Strategic Enforcement Unit and was the agency’s representative on the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee.