How To Participate In The Flag Program

Participating in ADEQ's Flag Program is easy:

Step 1: Contact the Flag Program Coordinator at ADEQ to register and request flags. You will receive four flags (green, yellow, orange and red), along with educational materials and training, at no cost.

Step 2: Check the daily air quality forecast and fly the corresponding color flag in a visible spot. Each morning, assign someone at your facility to raise the flag that shows the current day’s Air Quality Index (AQI) color | Learn More About AQI >

To access ADEQ's air quality forecasts:

  • View today's air quality forecast for your area | View >
  • Sign up to receive air quality forecasts | Subscribe >
  • Download air quality smartphone apps for your county (available in iTunes and Google Play) | Maricopa > | Santa Cruz > | Yuma >

Step 3: Educate and inform the school and the community. Train facility personnel about the Air Quality Index and the Flag Program so they can help administer the program, and make announcements to the community through newsletters, emails, flyers and other communication routes. You can also notify members of the larger community through a local newspaper, newsletter or radio station.

Step 4: Follow the air quality and outdoor activity guidance | Download Guide > | En Español >