Dust Risk-Based Forecast | Pinal County


Stagnation: No stagnation

Wind: East to northeast 5-15 mph, gusts to 20 mph


Stagnation: No stagnation

Wind: East becoming southeast 7-17 mph, gusts 25-30 mph


Stagnation: No stagnation

Wind: East to southeast 7-17 mph, gusts 20-25 mph


Stagnation: No stagnation

Wind: Easterly winds 5-15 mph diminishing in afternoon


Stagnation: Light stagnation

Wind: Light becoming west 4-9 mph

Forecast Discussion:

The breeziness will continue over the next several days which will help with the drying out of the ground surfaces. That said, the recent rains have certainly stabilized the ground surface and so without significant ground disturbances the overall PM10 and PM2.5 levels the next several days will remain relatively low (for this time of year) and be in the good AQI category, thus low dust risks forecasted.
Another low pressure system is forecast to impact the area this weekend and bring an additional opportunity for rain and perhaps a thunderstorm or two. Have increased Saturday's PM10 forecasted Air Quality Index (AQI) values a bit (though still in the good category/low dust risk) and added a mention of blowing dust as one of the University of Arizona's forecast models these past couple of days is hinting at the possibility for strong outflow winds associated with thunderstorms for Saturday afternoon. At this point, while localized blowing dust is possible, the dust risk remains low as the abundant rains of the last week or so should minimize the overall blowing dust threat. Stay tuned.

- S.DiBiase
Pinal County Air Quality Meteorologist