Dust Risk-Based Forecast | Maricopa County


Stagnation: Morning stagnation

Wind: Westerly winds of 10-15 mph


Stagnation: Morning stagnation

Wind: West-southwesterly winds of 10-15 mph


Stagnation: Morning stagnation

Wind: Southwesterly winds of 10-20 mph


Stagnation: Morning stagnation

Wind: Westerly winds of 10-15 mph


Stagnation: Morning and evening stagnation

Wind: Mostly light winds; westerly afternoon breezes of 5-15 mph

Forecast Discussion:

Breezy and gusty winds caused dust in/around the Valley throughout the day yesterday. PM-10 (dust) reached in the Moderate Air Quality Index (AQI) category at multiple monitors, particularly at ones near dust-prone areas.

Today, winds will be much lighter than yesterday. During the day, winds are expected to be out of the west; light afternoon breezes are also expected. Dust will be locally driven.

Then, tomorrow through at least Monday, the atmosphere will be active enough over Arizona to result in breezy daytime conditions each day. Sunday is forecast to see the strongest winds. Winds also look to carry over into the evenings on several days. Though we can't rule out the potential for pockets of dust in desert areas, particularly Sunday, no significant dust concerns are anticipated at this time.

The dust risk is Low through this period.

- M. Graves
ADEQ Meteorologist