Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

Underground storage tank system illustration

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Rulemaking

In July 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the 2015 underground storage tank (UST) regulation. The revisions strengthen the 1988 federal UST regulations by increasing emphasis on properly operating and maintaining UST equipment. The revisions are intended to help prevent and detect UST releases, which are a leading source of groundwater contamination.

Arizona does not have state program approval, which means that currently both federal and state regulatory schemes are in effect, and owners and operators of UST systems in Arizona must comply with both federal and state UST regulations. In order to reduce confusion and the regulatory burden for our customers, ADEQ is looking to align the Arizona UST rules with the 2015 federal rule revision and create one compatible set of regulations. 


ADEQ will be organizing meetings and gathering stakeholder input on how to align the state UST rule with the 2015 federal UST rule revision, as well as incorporate updated performance standards and installation, modification and closure plan reviews | View Upcoming Meetings >

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