Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

Slogan: Save up to $550 on emission-related repairs

Is My Vehicle Eligible for VVR Program Assistance?

Voluntary Vehicle Repair (VVR) Program Eligibility Checklist: 

  • Vehicle is driveable
  • Is registered in Arizona
  • Has been registered for the last 12 month and has not been unregistered for more than 60 days.
  • Vehicle Registration (titled) address must be within Maricopa or Pima County
  • Vehicle manufactured in or before 2007 (12 years or older) 
  • Vehicle failed emissions test within last 60 days
  • Vehicle is not a motor home, motorcycle, salvage vehicle or a fleet vehicle
  • Vehicle emission control system has not been tampered with, removed or disabled, in whole or in part.
  • Owner of the vehicle has not recieved previous VVR assistance within the last 12 months 

How Does the Assistance Program Work?

Step 1 — Vehicle fails emissions test and you speak with an Emissions Testing Station Manager to verify eligibility requirements

Step 2 —  Vehicle is approved and you choose an ADEQ approved repair facility | View VVR program Approved Repair Facilities >

Step 3 — Vehicle is repaired at an approved repair facility. Owner pays $150 co-pay and VVR program pays the repair facility up to: 

  • $550* for repair of gasoline vehicles
  • $1000* for repair of heavy duty diesel vehicle

Step 4 — Vehicle emissions re-test is performed and passes inspection for the orginal failed code(s)**

*Owner is responsible for any remaining balance due to repair facility