ADEQ's Lean Transformation

“Government doesn’t have to be broken”  – Gov. Doug Ducey

ADEQ has been undergoing a Lean Management transformation the past five years to reduce waste, improve services and to protect and enhance public health and the environment in Arizona.

Our Goals: 

  • Support Environmentally Responsible Economic Growth
  • Enhance Arizona's Unique Environment
  • Accelerate Clean-ups
  • Recruit, Train and Retain Top Environmental Talent

Our Strategies: 

  • Unleash Human Potential 
  • Deploy Lean 
  • Leverage E-Technology 
  • Increase Outreach 
  • Strengthen Core Programs 

Results Matter

The results shown on the following charts were achieved despite staff reductions. When working inside of a disciplined and management system, fewer, more engaged employees can achieve amazing results.












Using Lean tools and the Arizona Management System (AMS), ADEQ is providing Arizonans with a better place to live, work and play with cleaner air, water and soil. 

Deregulation Across Arizona 

Arizona has reduced the amount of outdated, burdensome and redundant laws, by removing 288 rules across 23 state agencies, with ADEQ leading the way, removing 48.

Continuous Improvement 

Over the past 5 years ADEQ has had more than 500 staff-led improvement projects to pave the way to be the No. 1 state in the nation in balanced, leading-edge environmental protection, technical/ operational excellence and radical simplicity for customers and staff.