Awarded Water Quality Improvement Grants

Following is a list of the Cycle 19 grants awarded for the Water Quality Improvement Grant (WQIG) program.

Greenlee County

WQIG ID#: 19-002
Awardee: Menges Ranches
Project Title: Menges Ranch Water System Maintenance Project
Grant Awarded: $49,580
Improvement: This project was awarded to replace outdated diesel water pump technologies with updated solar-powered pump installations. The installations allow for a more reliable and sustainable water system that will decrease opportunities for system failure resulting in cattle entering the waterway and contributing E. coli to the San Francisco River.

Santa Cruz County

WQIG ID#: 19-004
Awardee: Desert Botanical Gardens
Project Title: Wetland Restoration on O'Donnell Creek, Santa Cruz Co
Grant Awarded: $67,430
Improvement: This project was awarded to restore the degraded wetlands and adjacent floodplain and uplands along O'Donnell Creek, a tributary to the Babocomari River. The project will improve the natural filtering capacity of wetlands for the pollutants E. coli and sediment originating from active pastures and ultimately impacting the San Pedro River.