What is a Kickoff Meeting?

After preapproval program eligibility has been determined, a kickoff meeting is scheduled to provide an opportunity to determine an agreed upon scope of work, and discuss a path to closure for the cleanup.

Who should attend?

The applicant and their environmental professional/primary service provider (PSP) should attend the kickoff meeting. ADEQ recommends that the applicant also include their financial assurance provider.

What preparation is needed?

ADEQ recommends a review of the facility and leaking underground storage tank (UST) case files at the ADEQ Records Center for relevant information. The PSP should also be prepared to have a general discussion of proposed corrective actions. This will help to ensure a productive meeting.

What will be discussed?

At the meeting, we will discuss details surrounding your case including:

  • Unique site conditions that may influence the remedial approach to achieve leaking UST case closure.
  • Closure goals and requirements.
  • Sampling techniques, locations and analytical requirements.
  • The proposed leaking UST cleanup team and how the team will communicate to ensure timely progress.
  • The project schedule including potential issues that may impact schedule adherence (e.g. permitting, power drops, access, etc.).
  • Requirements for receiving reimbursement and details regarding the $50,000 cost share, if applicable.

We will also discuss the detailed scopes of work (SOWs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs), as well as a plan of action, including:

  • Identification of all components required to complete the preapproval application process.
  • Timeframe for complete package submittal (ADEQ suggests no longer than 30 days from meeting date).
  • Method for providing 48-hour notice before fieldwork.
  • Change order process and notification of schedule changes.

What happens after the meeting?

After ADEQ receives the complete preapproval application package, a determination letter will be issued to you. Work may begin upon approval of the preapproval application.

Adherence to the implementation schedule is important for timely cleanup of your site. It is up to you and your PSP to ensure that work is conducted timely and in accordance with the preapproved SOW. If unforeseen conditions occur during your cleanup actions, ADEQ encourages you to contact us to discuss how these may impact your ability to receive reimbursement.

Are costs reimbursable?

Reimbursement is available for costs associated with the preparation of the approved application and consulting expenses for participating in the initial kick-off meeting. The reimbursement is limited to not more than 2 percent of the first year’s corrective action costs.

Following are requirements for preparation cost reimbursement:

  • The first year begins on the date when work from the approved Preapproval work plan starts
  • Documentation requirements are the same as for all other parts of the program: Invoice Ledger, Invoices, Proof of Payment, Certification Statements
  • Submit preparation costs and the documentation with the first reimbursement request
  • Preparation costs will be paid when corrective action costs reach the 2 percent threshold or after the first year’s corrective action costs are totaled, whichever comes first