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Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program

The Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program (VESP) recognizes and awards incentives to Arizona businesses and other organizations that have a good history of environmental compliance and strive to go beyond what is legally required to protect public health and the environment. Participants in the program can access tools and strategies that support their existing environmental programs and find opportunities to further reduce costs and spur innovation. 

Why Should You Join?

Numerous incentives are available to organizations participating in ADEQ’s Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program:
  • ADEQ’s public recognition of your organization’s stewardship commitment
  • Reduced inspection frequency
  • Coordination of multiple on-site inspections
  • Reduced reporting requirements
  • Advance notification of inspections and enforcement rulings

What Are The Levels Of Recognition?

There are five levels of recognition (from Copper to Platinum) that an organization can earn based on environmental achievements. Learn how your facility can qualify | Levels of Recognition >

How Does My Business Apply For VESP?

Collaborate on environmental quality issues and support our mission to protect and enhance public health and the environment by participating in VESP today. Organizations and businesses can join VESP for free | Download Application > *


*Application form may not open properly in versions of Microsoft Office older than 2007.