Individual AZPDES Forms and Fees

Permit Application Forms

Form 1: General Information

All applicants for individual AZPDES permits, with the exception of publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) and other treatment works treating domestic sewage (TWTDSs) | View/Download >

Form 2A/2S

Required of new and existing POTWs and other TWTDSs | View/Download > | Form 2A/2S Data Sheet | View/Download >

Form 2B

Required of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and concentrated aquatic animal production (CAAP) facilities | Coming Soon

Form 2C

Required of existing manufacturing, commercial, mining and silvicultural operations | View/Download > | Form 2C Addendum | View/Download >

Form 2D

Required of new manufacturing, commercial, mining and silvicultural operations that have not yet commenced discharge of process wastewater | View/Download > | Form 2D Addendum | View/Download >

Form 2E

Required of manufacturing, commercial, mining and silvicultural operations which discharge only non-process wastewater | Coming Soon

Form 2F

Required for stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity | Coming Soon

Form 2S

Required of new and existing TWTDSs | Coming Soon 

Permit Fees

ADEQ will assess and collect an hourly rate fee of $122 per hour for a water quality protection service, except for minor permit amendments or flat fee permit types as listed below.

AZPDES maximum fees are:

  • Individual permit for municipal separate storm sewer system: $40,000
  • Individual permit for wastewater treatment plant
    • 3,000 - 99,999 gallons of discharge per day: $15,000
    • 100,000 - 999,999 gallons of discharge per day: $20,000
    • 1,000,000 - 9,999,999 gallons of discharge per day: $30,000
    • 10,000,000 or more: $50,000
  • Individual permit for a facility or activity that is not a wastewater treatment plant or a municipal separate storm sewer: $30,000
  • Amendment to an individual permit: $12,500
  • Approval of a new or revised pretreatment program under AZPDES: $10,000
  • Consolidated individual permit for multiple AZPDES individual permits, as allowed under AAC R18-9-B901(C): Aggregate of the applicable maximum fees

In addition, a registration fee for this permit is due to ADEQ each year.1