Hazardous Waste Permitting Application Forms & Guidance

A hazardous waste permit application consists of two parts: 

  1. Part A contains the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Notification of Regulated Waste Activity Form (8700-12) and Hazardous Waste Permit Part A Form (8700-23). There is the option of using the two separate 8700-12 and 8700-23 for the "Part A" submittal or the Consolidated 8700-12, -23 and -13A/B Form may be submitted depending on what the treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSDF) is submitting.
  2. Part B contains a description of the applicant's waste management procedures, the waste analysis plan, procedures to respond to emergencies and the time-of-closure cleanup plan for the facility

Specific requirements for the Part A and B application are described in the federal regulations.1

Application Requirements

To apply for a hazardous waste permit, you must have: 

  • An initial application submittal fee
  • One original and two hard copies, and an electronic version of an application consisting of Parts A and B
  • Character Background Reference forms for the permit applicant (i.e., the facility applying for the permit) and for other persons, such as key employees (e.g., emergency coordinator, plant managers and other decision makers regarding hazardous waste operations), corporate directors, corporate officers and owners of 10 percent or more of the debt or equity of the company (persons other than the permit signatory)
  • Certification of compliance with the EPA RCRA Expanded Public Participation Rule , including a pre-application public meeting in the local community | View >
  • An EPA ID Number assigned for the facility at the time of submittal (Apply online with myDEQ or fill out EPA Form 8700-23: Hazardous Waste Permit Application, Part A)3

Depending on the type of application submitted, you may consult one of the following:

  • Operating Permit Application Checklist | Download >
  • Post-Closure Permit Application Checklist | Download >

Application Submittal

Mail completed hazardous waste permit applications to:

Attn: Hazardous Waste Unit
1110 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007