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Date: 10/21/21

PUBLIC HEARING | Proposal to Issue Air Quality Permit to Newlife Forest Products LLC for Sawmill in Bellmont

Date: 10/21/21

WEBINAR | Point of Use Policies for Owners/Operators/Managers of Water Systems

Date: 10/20/21

WEBINAR | Motorola 52nd Street Community Information Group

Date: 10/19/21

PUBLIC HEARING | Proposed New AZPDES Permit for the Tucson Airport Area Remediation Project Water Treatment Plant

Date: 10/18/21

PUBLIC MEETING | Highway 260 and Johnson Lane Community Advisory Board

Date: 09/30/21

PUBLIC MEETING | Cooper Road and Commerce Avenue Community Advisory Board

Date: 09/30/21

VIRTUAL MEETING | LCRR Focus Group II - Lead Service Line & Materials Inventories (Cont.)

Date: 09/29/21

STAKEHOLDER MEETING | Virtual Informational Webinar on NWPR Repeal & State Surface Water Protection Program

Date: 09/28/21

PUBLIC MEETING | Arizona State Emergency Response Commission (AZSERC)

Date: 09/23/21

PUBLIC MEETING | Holding & Funding Household Hazardous Waste/e-Waste Events in Rural Arizona