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Environmental Quality Bills of the 2016 Arizona State Legislative Session

The 2016 Legislative Session has ended and we are pleased to announce that the session was beneficial in helping further our mission to protect and enhance public health and the environment by facilitating environmentally responsible economic growth, enhancing Arizona’s unique environment, and accelerating clean-ups.

Key Highlights

Small Water Systems Fund 

In recognition of the importance of safe drinking water throughout Arizona, in this year’s budget we were provided a timely allocation of $500,000 to be used for projects that will help small drinking water systems return to compliance.  We will work in collaboration with the water infrastructure finance authority (WIFA) and the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to maximize the use of these funds.

Increased Funding for WQARF

Funding for Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) will increase 26% to $14.2 million.   This significant increase will allow the program to expand its critical role in identifying and cleaning up contaminated sites throughout the state.

myDEQ Continued Funding

ADEQs demonstrated ability to deliver customer convenience and value has resulted in approval of continued funding for the next phase of myDEQ.

Increased Customer Base

ADEQ’s excellence in interacting with regulated communities and reducing permit lead time have been recognized.  We are taking on the important work of supporting the Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. In this new role, ADEQ staff will provide technical and administrative support to the Commission as they regulate drilling and other activities related to exploration and production of oil, gas, helium, carbon dioxide, and geothermal resources.

Bills that Impact ADEQ

SB 1255 | Vehicle Emissions Inspections (VEI) Continuation

The VEI sunset date has been extended 6 years and is now consistent with ADEQ’s general sunset date of 2022, which will allow the agency to streamline the sunset reporting process, while continuing administration of this important air quality program.

HB 2325 | Environment; water quality amends

This bill aligns lead content in pipe standards with existing federal standards in effect since 2014, eliminating confusion for our customers.  The bill also directs existing water and wastewater operator certification fees to ADEQ, making this program self-sustaining. 

SB 1256 | Drug Lab Remediation; assayers; repeal

This bill transfers the drug lab remediation program to ADEQ.  ADEQ will administer this program within the Waste Programs Division, to manage the remaining approximately 30 contaminated residential property cases. 

HB 2666 | Governor’s Economic Opportunity Office – WIFA

As part of the Governor’s intent to have government operate at the speed of business and reduce regulatory burdens, the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) has been incorporated into the Governor’s Economic Opportunity Office (EOO). ADEQ will work with EPA, WIFA and the EOO to update existing delegation agreements to ensure a timely and consistent application of authority under the new office.