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Drinking Water | Public Notices

The following is a list of Public Notices that have been issued by a Public Water System (PWS) to inform the public when drinking water for that PWS delivery area may be a concern to human health. 

Please Note: If your water company is not listed within your county, there is no open violation of federal drinking water standards.  You can search for current compliance and historical data for all public water systems | Search Drinking Water Database >

The list is grouped by county then by name of the Public Water System. 


Town of Springerville | View Notice > 


Douglas Border Patrol Station | View Notice > 
Monte Vista Water Company | View Notice > 
San Simon DWID | View Notice > 


No notice at this time


No notice at this time


No notice at this time 


No notice at this time

La Paz 

Bouse Worley Water System | View Notice > 
Cibola Mutua Water Company | View Notice > 


Relaince JRC Goodyear | View Notice > 


DS Water Company | View Notice > 
Silver Creek RV Park | Contact your water system for more information 

White Hills Water Company Unit 1 | View Notice > 


Pinedale Estates DWID | View Notice >


No notice at this time


American Reality Mortgage Company | View Notice > 
Maricopa Mountain DWID 1 | View Notice > 

Papago Butte DWID | View Notice > 
Skyline Resort RV Park | View Notice >
Kelvin Simmons Coop | View Notice >
Villa Grande DWID | View Notice >

Santa Cruz

No notice at this time


Oak Creek Water Co. 1 | View Notice > 
White Horse Ranch Owners Association | View Notice > 
Mountain VU RV Park | View > 


Citrus Park Water Company | View Notice >
Mohawk Valley School District | View Notice > 
Shepard Water Company | View Notice > 
Sierra Pacific Mobile Manor | View Notice > 
Tacna Water Managment Company | View Notice > 
Town of  Wellton | View Notice > 
Valley Vista Water Company | View Notice >
Yuma Lakes RV Resort | View Notice > 

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