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Annual Emissions Inventory Questionnaire

ADEQ accepted comments on the proposed rulemaking to amend Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) R18-2-327 Annual Emissions Inventory Questionnaire. 


The purpose of this rulemaking was to amend the agency's annual emission inventory questionnaire regulation to reduce the reporting burden on Class II air quality permitted sources. ADEQ amended the reporting frequency from annually to at least once every three years and at the request of the Director.

In addition, ADEQ amended the agency's annual emission inventory questionnaire regulation to include federally required emission statement requirements for stationary sources located in ozone nonattainment areas that emit ozone precursors. This rulemaking action is required to secure full approval of Arizona’s ozone rules into the state implementation plan (SIP) and avoid sanctions under the federal Clean Air Act.


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  • Effective Date: Jan. 19, 2021

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