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Following are various recycling programs that can be implemented in your neighborhood.

Curbside Recycling

Curbside recycling allows for all recyclables to be placed in one bin, also known as “commingling” or “single stream.” Outreach, education and adherence to local recycler guidelines (provided by city, private hauler, etc.) are necessary to ensure residents follow recycling procedures and place proper items in collection bins.

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Drop-Off Recycling

For drop-off recycling, collection bins are strategically placed throughout neighborhoods or in a centralized location, providing residents a place to bring their recyclables that is closest to their homes. This method requires motivated citizens and acceptance of liability for those who sometimes use the bins for illegal dumping.

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Hub and Spoke Recycling

Hub and spoke recycling involves regional processing centers within larger communities that serve as “hubs” and encourage smaller communities, or “spokes,” to deliver recyclables to these centers. Recycling hubs will invest in or solicit grants for equipment and infrastructure needed to create and store higher quantity and density bales of materials that remanufacturing markets require. Spoke communities will invest in or solicit grants for recycling collection trailers or containers that are easily transported to nearby recycling hubs. Hub and spoke systems greatly reduce transportation requirements and increase overall efficiency of program operations.

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Recycling Events

Organizing temporary recycling events can help collect large amounts of materials, providing locals with a convenient “one-stop-drop” for items.

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Reuse Centers

Reuse centers provide tax benefits for the donor and revenue for the center.

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Outreach Materials

To engage your community in recycling efforts, it's important to develop various outreach materials and tools, in addition to organizing events.

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