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AZWW Mobile App

The Arizona Water Watch (AZWW) Mobile App is for Arizona residents and visitors to help ADEQ scientists protect Arizona's beautiful waterbodies.

Snap a photo of the waterbody, answer "yes" or "no" to questions about the water, wildlife and trash in the area and submit your data. Scientists will use your photo submissions to more quickly discover and analyze water quality issues, update flow data and identify waterbodies for future studies.

AZWW mobile app provides users:

  • An entry-level opportunity for volunteers of all ages to do environmental science
  • A fun, educational activity to do with family, friends and classmates
  • Access to higher-level citizen science volunteer opportunities

Access the Mobile App

  1. Download the Survey123 field app to your mobile device
        Download from iTunes Store > 
        Download from Google Play >

  2. Link your device by visiting and selecting "Open in the Survey123 field app"
        Link Your Device >   

  3. Complete a test run with the initial survey that appears

  4. Use the app outdoors and have fun protecting the environment!*

Need help getting started? | Download App User Guide >