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Hazy skies in Phoenix

New Mexico and Texas dust reach PhoenixRead full article >

As morning temperatures go down, air quality concerns go up

Strong inversions in the winter trap air pollution near the ground. What can you do to help? Read full article >

Monsoon 2019: Air Quality Recap

Here's a quick summary of Phoenix's air quality during the 2019 monsoon season.Read full article >

Phoenix AQ History: Dust Storm Causes Hazardous Air Quality

On August 2, 2018, a powerful dust storm rolled through the Phoenix area, causing the Valley to see its highest PM10 levels of the year.Read full article >

Hotter temperatures don't mean higher ozone

We typically associate Arizona's summers with hot temperatures. But ozone levels don't always follow temperature trends. Some of the year's highest ozone levels can occur when temperatures Read full article >

Phoenix: July 4th Impacts on Air Quality

Do fireworks have an impact on air quality in the Valley?Read full article >

The monsoon season is officially here on Saturday

The beginning of the monsoon season means that some of Arizona's most powerful weather phenomena are just around the corner.Read full article >

Yuma streak of no ozone exceedances coming to an end?

Yuma: First ozone exceedance in 356 days possibleRead full article >

May 22nd in Phoenix: Coolest in 100 years; best ozone on record?

Rare May weather pattern continues Read full article >

First Ozone Exceedance for Phoenix in 237 Days

Ozone exceeds the health standard for the first time in 2019, just shy of the record for latest first ozone exceedanceRead full article >

First time PM10 (dust) exceeds health standard in 2019

Pacific storm system causes first PM10 exceedance of 2019 and Valley-wide dustRead full article >

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