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Since its inception by statute in the 1990s, ADEQ’s VRP has overseen the cleanup and closure of more than 200 sites around Arizona. The program currently has more than 60 active sites in various stages of completion, including some that are implementing long-term groundwater remediation — a vital concern in our arid, drought-prone state. Sites range from dry cleaners in strip malls to extensive town cleanups contaminated by historical mining activities. The VRP is qualified to accept and tackle complex sites that involve ADEQ’s air, water and waste programs as well as city, county or state agencies interested in a site’s economic development potential.

A site is eligible to request a No Further Action (NFA) determination from ADEQ once the remedial objectives have been achieved and applicable standards have been met. The request includes a written summary report containing information required by VRP statutes. The volunteer also places a public notice, usually in a local newspaper, announcing a 30-day public comment period (45 days if the site records a Declaration of Environmental Use Restriction) allows the public to review and comment on the NFA request.  Learn more about Declaration of Environmental Use Restriction | View Restrictions > 

Once the public comment period is over, and if there are no objections, the VRP can issue the determination. The NFA determination is contaminant specific, meaning only contaminants that were sampled and analyzed for, at the site are eligible for inclusion.