Frequently Asked Questions | Tank Site Improvement Program

How many bids are required to be submitted with the application?

You are required to submit the bid from the contractor you’ve selected with the application. Please note, ADEQ recommends evaluating three bids to ensure cost-effectiveness. This will help preserve funding in case it is needed in the future.

Where is the list of ADEQ-certified UST service providers?

Following is a link to a list of ADEQ-certified service providers | View/Download >

Please remember to verify the category of certification to ensure that you are selecting service providers who have a valid certification to conduct the scope of work.

What are the applicant’s responsibilities?

As the applicant, you are responsible for:

  • Confirming that the contractors have the appropriate qualifications to conduct the work
  • Managing the contractors
  • Ensuring all work meets regulatory and industry standards
  • Paying for the work prior to requesting reimbursement

What are commonly encountered issues with application submittals?

  • The submitted bid did not include itemized detail on personnel, heavy equipment, mileage, per diem, all associated rates, number of units and the total bid amount.
  • The application did not include all necessary documents.
  • The applicant is not registered with Arizona’s online procurement portal.
  • The bid mileage rate is greater than the current rate approved by the Arizona General Accounting Office. State of Arizona rates are listed on the Arizona Department of Administration website | View >

For UST replacement applications:

  • Fuel compatibility documentation was not provided for each equipment manufacturer.
  • Valid evidence of training or certification was not provided for each equipment manufacturer — A copy of the actual certificate or training card must be submitted; a list of training is not sufficient.
  • The scope of work does not ensure the USTs will meet new installation standards as outlined in statute and regulation.1

How do I submit an application?

Preferred method of submittal is an electronic copy to the TSIP email | Email >

If you submit an electronic copy, you do not need to submit a paper copy. If you choose to submit a paper copy, please use the following address:

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Attention: UST - TSIP
1110 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

If you would like assistance preparing your submittal, please contact us (see sidebar).

What happens after I submit all the required documents for the “preapproval application” stage?

ADEQ will review the submittal and will contact you if any clarification is needed. This process may take up to 30 business days. Additional time may be needed if the application was incomplete or additional information is needed.

Once the submittal is approved, ADEQ will send a certified approval letter to the applicant and implementation of the preapproved scope of work may begin.

Do I have to pay all costs upfront?

Yes, all costs must be paid up front by the applicant. Once the work is complete and ADEQ receives documentation that the work was conducted in accordance with regulatory and industry standards, then you may submit a reimbursement request to ADEQ for the reimbursement funds.

Do I need to notify ADEQ prior to field work being conducted?

Email the TSIP team at least two weeks prior to field work being conducted | Email >

What if I encounter unanticipated site conditions in the field that require a change in the scope of work?

Contact the TSIP team by email | Email >

What are reimbursement requirements?

  • Preapproval by ADEQ before implementation of the scope of work
  • Documentation of the work conducted that meet regulatory requirements
  • Submittal of a reimbursement request that includes invoices and proof of payment documentation showing the applicant incurred the costs

What costs are ineligible?

List of common examples of costs that are not eligible for reimbursement | View List >

What are some tips for a quick reimbursement process?

Include all required documentation with the reimbursement request, such as:

  • Actual invoices and receipts from the vendor
  • Subcontractor costs and receipts (including per diem items such as lodging and meals)
  • Proof of payment demonstrating the applicant paid for the referenced invoices and costs (please include summary that links up the proof of payment documentation with the invoices)

What is acceptable proof of payment?

Acceptable forms of documentation include copies of canceled checks or bank statements. Documents must identify who paid, who was paid and the payment amount. Proof of payment documentation must reference the invoice(s) covered by the payment or a summary that links up the proof of payment documentation with the invoices must be provided.

What should I do with invoices for a more timely reimbursement process?

  • Ensure all hourly charges specified in the invoice are the number of hours actually worked.
  • Clearly identify markup on the invoice, if applicable. (Markup is only permitted for work that is subcontracted by the selected primary service provider.)
  • Identify any costs or items on an invoice that are not being requested for reimbursement.
  • Do not provide proposals or estimates in place of an invoice.

Will travel costs be reimbursed?

Yes, if the person is in travel status. To be in travel status, you must be more than 50 miles from both the traveler’s residence and your regular duty post. ADEQ will only reimburse costs for travel such as lodging, meals and vehicle mileage if the person is in travel status.

Reimbursed costs are concurrent with the maximum amount allowable per the State of Arizona rates for mileage, lodging, and meals. The lodging, meals and vehicle mileage rates may be found in the State of Arizona Accounting Manual located on the Arizona Department of Administration site | View Site >

Invoices submitted for reimbursement for lodging must demonstrate they have been paid in full or a balance of $0.00.

Receipts are required for reimbursement of all meals.2

What are the methods of reimbursement?

For faster reimbursements, ADEQ recommends that applicants sign up to receive direct deposit payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Applicants will need to go to complete form GAO-W-9 and ACH Package | Find Form > 

Submit completed ACH Vendor Authorization Forms to (do not send a copy to ADEQ): 

General Accounting Office Vendor Unit
100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 302
Phoenix, AZ 85007

If the applicant is not signed up to receive direct deposit, the applicant will receive a check from ADEQ in the mail.3 All reimbursements will be paid directly to the applicant.