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What Permits Do You Need For Your Business?

The following links provide information about permits for your business/industry.


ADOT | View Permits

Agriculture | View Permits 

Air Transportation (Sector S) | View Permits

Asphalt Company | View Permits

Asphalt Paving (Sector D) | View Permits

Auto Repair Shop | View Permits

Automobile Salvage Yards (Sector M) | View Permits

Biomedical Manufacturing | View Permits 

Biosolids Applicator | View Permits 

Car Rental Agency | View Permits 

Car Wash View Permits 

Chemical & Allied Products Manufacturing/Refining (Sector C) | View Permits

Coal Mines & Related Facilities (Reserved)/ (Sector H) | View Permits

Concrete Batch Plant (CBP) | View Permits 

Construction Company |  View Permits 

Convenience Store |  View Permits 

Cotton Gin | View Permits 

Crematorium | View Permits 

Dairy | View Permits 

Demolition/Renovation Activities | View Permits 

Docks | View Permits 

Dry Cleaner/Laundry Services | View Permits 


Electronic, Electrical Equipment & Components (Sector AC) | View Permits 

Electronics Manufacturer | View Permits 

Explosives Manufacturer | View Permits 

Fabricated Metal Products (Sector AA) | View Permits 

Feedlot | View Permits 

Fish Hatchery | View Permits 

Food & Kindred Products (Sector U) | View Permits 

Forest & Park Service | View Permits 

Foundry | View Permits 

Furniture & Fixtures (Sector W) | View Permits 

Gasoline Station | View Permits 

Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete and Gypsum Products (Sector E) | View Permits 

Golf Course | View Permits 

Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facilities (Sector K) | View Permits 

Hospital | View Permits 

Hotel/Motel | View Permits 

Hydrogeologic Consultant | View Permits 

Incinerator | View Permits 

Laboratory | View Permits 

Land Development/Subdivisions | View Permits 

Land Transportation & Warehousing (Sector P) | View Permits 

Landfills, Land Application Sites and Open Dumps (Sector L) | View Permits 

Leather Tanning and/or Finishing (Sector Z) | View Permits 

Lubricant Manufacturing (Sector D) | View Permits 


Machine Shop | View Permits 

Medical Waste | View Permits 

Metal Mining (Ore Mining & Dressing) Facilities (Sector G) View Permits 

Military Base | View Permits 

Mining | View Permits 

Municipalities | View Permits 

Natural Gas Compressor Station | View Permits 

Non-Metallic Mineral Mining & Dressing (Sector J) View Permits 

Oil & Gas Extraction (Reserved) (Sector I) | View Permits 

Optical Goods (Sector AC) | View Permits 

Paper & Allied Products (Sector B) | View Permits

Pest Control | View Permits 

Pesticide Manufacturer| View Permits 

Petroleum Products Processor | View Permits 

Petroleum Storage Tanks | View Permits 

Pharmaceutical | View Permits 

Photographic Goods (Sector AC) | View Permits 

Photography | View Permits 

Pipeline Operator | View Permits

Portland Cement Plant | View Permits

Power Plant | View Permits 

Primary Metals (Sector F)| View Permits

Printing & Publishing (Sector X)| View Permits 

Prison | View Permits 

Pulp & Paper Mill | View Permits 

Pump Contractor | View Permits 


Real Estate Development | View Permits 

Reclaimed Water Agent | View Permits 

Reclaimed Water Blending Facility | View Permits 

Roofing Materials (Sector D) | View Permits 

Rubber Miscellaneous Plastic Products, & Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries (Sector Y) | View Permits 

RV/Mobile Home Park | View Permits

Sand & Gravel Operation | View Permits 

Sawmill | View Permits 

School | View Permits 

Scrap Recycling & Waste Recycling Facilities (Sector N) | View Permits 

Septage Hauler | View Permits 

Ship and Boat Building & Repair Yards (Sector R) | View Permits 

Slaughterhouse | View Permits 

Soil Remediation Plant | View Permits  

Solid Waste Hauler | View Permits 

Spray Painting Booth | View Permits 

Steam Electric Generating Facilities (Sector O) | View Permits 

Textile Mills, Apparel, and Other Fabric Products (Sector V) | View Permits 

Timber Products (Sector A) | View Permits 

Transfer Station/Composter | View Permits 

Treatment Works (Sector T) | View Permits 

Transportation Equipment, Industrial or Commercial Machinery Facilities (Sector AB) | View Permits 

Wastewater Treatment Plant | View Permits  

Water Company/Utility | View Permits 

Water Transportation Facilities (Sector Q) | View Permits 

Well Driller | View Permits 

Woodworking Shop | View Permits