ADEQs Path Forward | COVID-19

Continuing ADEQ Operations While Slowing the Spread

ADEQ is continuing to closely monitor guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).

ADEQ is well-positioned to work outside the office, and our mission to protect public health and the environment remains a priority. ADEQ will continue our vital mission work while also minimizing exposure risk to staff and customers. We remain open for business, taking recommended health precautions, and ready to serve the people of Arizona.

This page will be updated as needed. Visit the ADHS for updates about COVID-19 in Arizona | View >

Governor Ducey launched the Arizona Together initiative to support Arizonans during the COVID-19 outbreak, connecting individuals and businesses to resources, raising money for community organizations and providing information on volunteer opportunities | Learn More >

Emissions Testing is Essential

The quality of the air we breathe is more important than ever. All Arizonans deserve the cleanest possible air today, for our future -- especially those with compromised health. We all can make a positive difference by the choices we make and actions we take everyday. Vehicle emissions contribute to increased levels of air pollution like man-made ozone and particulate matter (smoke and dust). And, for the millions of Arizonans who choose to own and operate motor vehicles, each plays an important role in maintaining and improving Arizona's air quality by simply testing vehicle emissions to ensure they meet health-based standards.

As critical as the quality of air for our communities, is the health and safety of our community and customers we serve and our employees. To continue to provide exceptional service that protects public health, ADEQ has made key changes that put the health and safety of both customers and staff first as we work together to do our part for each other. ADEQ's changes provide as safe of an emissions testing experience as possible -- one that goes above and beyond CDC guidance for other essential services like grocery stores, gas stations, and drive throughs | Learn More >

Vehicle Emissions Testing Stations remain open. Hours of operation for Testing Stations have changed as of April 1, 2020.

Permits and Compliance

ADEQ is aligning with the EPA's memo "COVID-19 Implications for EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program."

  • Guidance on ADEQ implementation, Arizona Executive Order 2020-18,  and EPA Memo  | Download >
  • EPA Press Release | View >

ADEQ facility inspections and work to issue permits will continue uninterrupted.

Drinking Water

The need to provide healthy drinking water is of utmost importance at all times. ADEQ will continue to be supportive of public water systems and their communities.

EPA Water Utility Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic | View >

Arizona’s Water Supplies Remain Secure and Resilient, a joint statement from ADEQ, Arizona Department of Water Resources, Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, Central Arizona Project and Salt River Project | View >

Information related to drinking water and wastewater treatment can be found at:

  • EPA's webpage “Coronavirus and Drinking Water and Wastewater” | View EPA's Page >
  • CDC's webpage “Water Transmission and COVID-19” | View CDC's Page >
  • Association of State Drinking Water Administrators webpage “2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)” | View ASDWA's Page >

Other ADEQ Services

Report an environmental issue | Submit Online >

ADEQ's Phoenix office hours of operation remain unchanged. The Southern Regional Office (SRO), located in Tucson, is closed for public meetings from April 6, 2020, to Aug. 1, 2021.

Events and Meetings

ADEQ events and meetings will be in-person or online, based on the type of event. If customers request an in-person meeting only, ADEQ will honor that request and work with them accordingly | View Events Calendar >


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