Drywell Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Do all drywells have to be registered?

Yes, all drywells must be registered through ADEQ in the State of Arizona; except drywells on Tribal Land | View A.R.S. § 49-332 >

Who is responsible for registering drywells?

The drywell owner is responsible for registering their drywell(s).

Do drywells have to be registered in myDEQ?

Yes, as of May 14, 2018, drywell registrations, transfers of ownership and decommissions are processed through myDEQ, ADEQ's online permitting and compliance portal.

How do I transfer ownership of my drywell?

You can submit a transfer of ownership via myDEQ | View/Download Guide >

What is a drywell?

A drywell is a bored, drilled or driven shaft whose depth is greater than its width, designed and constructed specifically for the disposal of stormwater.

What is a drywell used for?

A drywell is used for the drainage of stormwater runoff only.

How do I identify a drywell on my property?

A drywell will have a solid manhole cover and marked in raised cast letters “stormwater only.” Drywells are usually found in parking lots, retention areas and sometimes in loading docks.

Does my drywell need a permit?

There are two types of drywells that require a permit:

  • Drywells that drain areas at motor fuel dispensing facilities, where motor fuels are used, stored or loaded require a Type 2.04 General Permit.
  • Drywells that drain areas where Hazardous Substances are used, stored, loaded or treated require a Type 2.01 General Permit.

Do I need to inspect my drywell?

Yes, inspections should be performed at least annually to ensure the system is working properly. You should also inspect drywells if water remains standing on the surface of the drainage area or retention basin for more than 36 hours.

How often do I need to inspect my drywell?

Drywells should be inspected and maintenanced annually.

How do I decommission my drywell? 

Consult decommissioning procedures and notify ADEQ in myDEQ | View/Download Decommissioning Guidelines>

What do I do if I have a spill go into the drywell?

In case of a spill, contact ADEQ immediately at 602-771-4479.

What are installation guidelines for my drywell?

For installation guidelines, consult ADEQ's "Guidance for Design, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of Drywells" | View/Download >

What are inspection and maintenance guidelines for my drywell?

See “Implementation Guidelines for Drywells” for guidance | View/Download >

How much does it cost to register my drywell? 

The registration fee is $100 per drywell.

How much does it cost to permit my drywell? 

Type 2.01 and 2.04 General Aquifer Protection Permits for Drywells have a flat fee of $1,500. For facilities with multiple drywells, fees are $1,500 for the first drywell and $750 for each additional drywell.

myDEQ Process FAQs

How do I register in MyDEQ?

Visit our registration page for easy, step-by-step guidance and a video | Visit Page >

For help using myDEQ, call 844-827-4768 or email the myDEQ Help Line | Email >

How do I transfer ownership in myDEQ? 

New owners must register for a myDEQ account by completing myDEQ's secure identity verification process (note that verification data is not stored). If you prefer to complete identify verification by mail, you may opt for the paper process to complete registration, which involves receiving a document via email that must be signed, notarized and mailed back to ADEQ.

Once you are registered, the existing owner can initiate the transfer process. You will then receive email notification and guidance to complete the transfer.

What type of payments does ADEQ accept?

ADEQ accepts Discover, Visa, Master Card, American Express and ACH electronic checks (for electronic checks, you will need your routing and checking account numbers) via QuickPay, ADEQ's online bill payment service.

How do I edit/change information in myDEQ for my drywell? 

Upon login, click on the myAPPLICATIONS tab. Find your information on the dashboard and then use the “Select an Action” drop-down and click “Modify.” This will allow you to edit your information in myDEQ.