San Pedro Watershed

Brewery Gulch (Wildcat Canyon to Mule Gulch) 

Waterbody ID: AZ15080301-337
Pollutant(s): Copper 

Mule Gulch – Headwaters to Highway 80 Bridge 

Waterbody ID: AZ15080301-090A, AZ15080301-090B, AZ15080301-090C
Pollutant(s): Copper 

San Pedro River (Babocomari to Dragoon Wash, Mexico border to Charleston)     

Waterbody ID: AZ15050202-003, AZ15050202-008
Pollutant(s): E. coli 
Primary Source: Under investigation

Sampling to develop TMDL and update of existing Watershed Improvement Plan is ongoing

Stage of plan development: Stage 5 – Data Collection
Project Completion Date Target:  10/21/2018
Contact Us: Doug McCarty [email protected] 


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