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Air Quality Division

Posted January 26, 2021
Currently No Open Positions
Please check back at a later date

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Water Quality Division

Posted January 29, 2021
Environmental Engineer Specialist 2
The Environmental Engineering Specialist will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating environmental permit applications, reports, facility designs, plans and cost estimates in accordance to Arizona Rules and Regulations | Go to Apply >

Posted January 28, 2021
Environmental Science Specialist 3
We are seeking an Environmental Scientist Specialist 3 (ESS3) with expertise in Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 402 inspections, audits, and evaluations with respect to AZPDES general and individual permits | Go to Apply >

Posted January 27, 2021
Legal Specialist
As our Legal Specialist, you will perform moderately complex legal analysis to assist with the management of the rule writing process including writing rules; synthesizing information into effective and concise rules; providing legal guidance on rule language and impact; providing testimony related to rules in development; and assisting with planning the rule development strategy | Go to Apply >

Posted December 29, 2020
Environmental Science Specialist 1-3 – Permit Writer
As an Environmental Science Specialist, we will rely on you to review permit applications and develop permits for the Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (AZPDES) permit program | Go to Apply >

Posted December 16, 2020
Environmental Technician 2
We have an immediate opening for an Environmental Technician 2 to join our Water Quality team.  In this position, you will provide technical and administrative support to the value stream and staff | Go to Apply >


Posted October 28, 2020
Hydrogeologist/Principal Engineer
This position is responsible for guiding the Department in evaluating and permitting wastewater treatment plants across the state.  As Arizona’s primary expert in this field, you will be conducting technical evaluation of the design and operation of these facilities to ensure the efficacy of treatment options as well as effluent disposal options.  Additionally, you will be assisting treatment plant operators in trouble shooting issues with discharge limit exceedances as well as aquifer quality limit exceedances | Go to Apply >

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Waste Programs Division

Posted February 8, 2021
Unit Manager – Hazardous Waste Permits
Our Program Manager for the Hazardous Waste Permits and Support Unit is responsible for managing the operating functions of the unit. This position is responsible for supervising staff including assigning work, setting priorities, monitoring and evaluating performance, developing and providing training to staff | Go to Apply >

Posted February 3, 2021
Environmental Science Specialist 1-2 – UST Inspector
This position is for an Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Inspector. The position will be responsible for conducting routine, modification, install, closure and compliance assistance inspections at facilities throughout Arizona, drafting compliance documentation, responding to customer concerns regarding USTs, active problem solving and strong stakeholder collaboration | Go to Apply >

Posted February 2, 2021
Environmental Science Specialist 3 – Hazardous Waste Inspector
As an Environmental Science Specialist, you will conduct research and perform inspections in the Hazardous Waste Unit for the purpose of ensuring compliance with appropriate rules and regulations; you will be identifying, abating or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect either the environment or the health of the population | Go to Apply >

Posted January 21, 2021
Environmental Engineer Specialist 3
This position will support the Project Managers by conducting technical reviews for soil and groundwater remediation sites, and ensures appropriate and aggressive remediation technologies are being implemented at leaking UST sites | Go to Apply >

Posted January 15, 2021
Unit Manager – UST Leak Prevention
Our Unit Manager for the Leak Prevention Unit is responsible for managing the operating functions of the unit. The Unit manages a variety of leak prevention activities include both non-corrective action programs, suspected release investigation, release confirmation, service provider certifications, and plan reviews | Go to Apply >

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Mission Partners (Operations Support)

Posted February 8, 2021
You will work remotely under the direction of the Administrative Counsel to assist the Office of Administrative Counsel in completing its various functions in support of the Agency mission of protecting human health and the environment | Go to Apply >

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