Why do I need a 208 Consistency Review Authorization?

This authorization is for ensuring that a review has been conducted and has shown that  infrastructure projects in a region are consistent with the certified regional water quality management plan (WQMP) developed by the designated planning agency for that region. The WQMP is a planning document for a region that addresses municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, point source management, waste management, planning area description, water quality issues and implementation measures for the regional continuing planning process.

Regional Water Quality Management Planning and the consistency review process are required by Section 208 of the federal Clean Water Act. A review must take place on all: Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES) permits (new and renewals); new Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTF) discharging over 3000 gallons per day (GPD); modifications to existing facilities, including, but not limited to, a change in design capacity, an increase in the quantity of pollutants discharged, a change in the method of effluent disposal, or a change in the amount of effluent processed; a project (subdivision, commercial or other) is located outside the planning/service area of the Designated Management Agency of the receiving WWTF; and new subdivisions with conventional or alternative onsite treatment systems and flows over 3000 GPD. 

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