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West Pinal | PM-10 Nonattainment Area

County Affected:

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Nonattainment Area Designation Date:

May 31, 2012
(77 FR 32024)

Classification Level: 


Pollutant of Concern:

PM10 (particulate matter 10 microns or less in diameter; 1987 standards)


The concentration of PM10 in the air in West Pinal County is frequently above federal standards. ADEQ submitted a nonattainment Plan to EPA in December 2015. EPA is currently reviewing the plan. Controls in the plan include:

  • Agricultural Best Management Practices (such as combining tractor operations or reducing tillage)
  • Water/chemical dust suppressants on open areas/vacant lots
  • Watering for dust-generating construction operations
  • Vehicle speed limits
  • Road dust trackout controls

Sources of Pollutant:

  • Unpaved roads
  • Paved roads
  • Construction
  • Windblown dust
  • Agricultural activities

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