Underground Storage Tank (UST) | Compliance

Revised UST Regulations

On Oct. 13, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) revised federal UST regulations went into effect. Arizona does not have EPA State Program approval. Therefore, UST owners and operators of UST systems in Arizona must comply with both federal and state UST regulations. EPA has the authority to enforce federal regulations under federal law. Arizona House Bill 2636 signed by Governor Doug Ducey on April 9, 2015 also revised Arizona UST statutes. The revised statutes impact owners, operators, property owners and insurance companies in several ways.

Compliance deadlines for the federal UST regulations range from Oct. 13, 2015, to Oct. 13, 2018 for USTs installed on or before Oct. 13, 2015. USTs installed on or after Oct. 13, 2015 must fully comply with both the new federal and state UST regulations.

Changes that went into effect on July 3, 2015 are: 

  • UST owners and operators are required to notify ADEQ at least 30 days PRIOR to bringing a tank into operation.

  • UST owners who sell tanks for use as USTs are required to provide documentation that they notified the purchaser of requirements to file updated notification forms to ADEQ.

  • Non-payment of taxes and fees, if not timely corrected, may lead to delivery prohibition.

Financial Responsibility Related Requirements

  • UST insurers are required to notify ADEQ within 30 days after the UST insurance policy termination or non-renewal.

  • Existing insurance policies that are renewed with a more current retroactive date will not satisfy financial responsibility unless a new tank system was installed or a baseline assessment performed.

  • UST owners and operators may request ADEQ’s assistance in pursuing coverage under the financial assurance mechanism they rely upon to demonstrate compliance with financial responsibility.

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