ADEQ's AMS Transformation

“Government doesn’t have to be broken”  — Gov. Doug Ducey

ADEQ’s transformation over the past nine years has reduced waste in the agency and helped us improve services to our customers, furthering our mission to protect and enhance public health and the environment of Arizona.

Our Strategies 

  • Support Environmentally Responsible Economic Growth
  • Enhance Arizona’s Unique Environment
  • Accelerate Clean-ups
  • Recruit, Train, Engage and Retain Top Environmental Talent
  • Implement Binational Strategic Plan

Our Results

When working inside of a disciplined management system, the Arizona Management System (AMS) in particular, more engaged employees can achieve amazing results. While there is certainly more to do, our results demonstrate a firm commitment to continuously improving our environment. 

While the overall state budget has steadily increased, ADEQ budget has remained relatively flat.

More cleanups are being completed.

Greater than 99 percent of the population continues to receive drinking water that meets state and federal requirements, and fewer systems are delivering water that is out of compliance.  Number of systems is calculated two ways: EPA and ADEQ methods.

Compliance has improved through outreach and training.

Faster return to compliance.

1Based on ADEQ’s interpretation of the Navigable Waters Protection Rule of June 2020, the number of impaired waters has been reduced. EPA will consider this list for approval in 2022.

Protective permits are being issued faster.

ADEQ is committed to continuously improving, measuring performance and transparency in reporting. We don't hide problems; there is more to do. The only problems we can’t solve together are the ones we don’t know about.

Learn more about our meaningful metrics | Key Performance Data Explained >

Other Achievements

  • Vacated and sold a Phoenix building in 2017, returning $1.84 million to the State. Currently under contract to sell a Tucson building for $475,000.
  • Consolidated office space in Phoenix in 2015, which reduced total square feet by nearly 30,000 and reduces rent expense by $590,000.
  • Reduced fees for Vehicle Emissions Inspections by $10 dollars, saving Arizona motorists more than $67.5 million since 2014.
  • Reduced the average time to make public records available from 28 days to less than 3 days.



  • ADEQ online service portal myDEQ won an innovation award for software development from the CIO 100 Symposium.
  • Finalist for the Adobe Creativity Government Award for Arizona Water Watch marketing materials. Arizona Water Watch offers Arizona residents and visitors the opportunity to help monitor and protect Arizona’s waters.
  • ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award for Arizona Water Watch.


  • Arizona Forward Crescordia Award for Technology Innovation for ADEQ’s Water Watch mobile app.
  • State Government Experience award from The Center for Digital Government for myDEQ.


  • Good Government Award from Governor Douglas A. Ducey.
  • ECOS State Innovation Award for Arizona Water Watch.