Why do I need an Open Burn Permit?

In most cases when burning materials in the open, an Open Burn Permit from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is required by law.12  These laws are intended to help protect the public from smoke impacts. Unless specifically exempted by the rule, persons setting outdoor fires must obtain a permit from ADEQ or a delegated permitting authority. Two types of open burn permits are issued in Arizona: Normal and Dangerous Materials.

Permit Types

Normal Open Burn Permit: Needed for open outdoor fires for the purposes of weed abatement, prevention of a fire hazard or instruction in the methods of fighting fires. In some locations, fire departments and local governments have authority to issue normal open burn permits. See jurisdiction list for county open burn permit information >

Dangerous Materials Open Burn Permit: Needed to burn hazardous waste or any substances that may cause bodily harm or property loss if not neutralized, consumed or otherwise disposed of in a controlled and safe manner. Fires set for the disposal of dangerous materials are permitted only when there is no safe alternative method of disposal and when the burning of the materials does not result in the emission of hazardous or toxic substances in amounts that will endanger health or safety. Only ADEQ has authority to issue open burn permits for dangerous materials.

Can I Burn Household Trash?

No. Household trash should be disposed of through waste collections. Under state law, burning household trash may be permitted if certain criteria is met.

What Can I Burn In?

You may only burn in an approved waste burner.  An approved waste burner means an incinerator constructed of fire resistant material with a cover or screen that is closed when in use, and has opening in the sides or top no greater than one-inch in diameter.

Permit Duration: 1 year

Permit Cost: $0 (ADEQ Does not charge a fee)

Permit processes Time: 7 business days of receipt of a completed Application


Apply for a Normal Open Burn Permit >

Apply for a Dangerous Materials Open Burn Permit >