Air Quality Forecast

Air Forecasting

ADEQ air quality meteorologists issue daily forecasts and offer related public health advisories based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s Air Quality Index (AQI), an index that classifies pollution levels with respect to their potential health impacts (e.g., moderate, unhealthy).

Health Advisories

During forecasts, air quality meteorologists sometimes suggest that people attempt to remain indoors based on the expected severity of pollution. When such conditions are expected, a health watch or a high pollution advisory (HPA) is reported.

ADEQ issues a Health Watch to notify the public when air pollution levels are expected to approach the federal health standard and may impact those with respiratory problems or other health concerns that make them sensitive to air pollution. 

A High Pollution Advisory (HPA) is issued when air pollution is expected to exceed the federal health standard. During HPAs, people are encouraged to limit time spent outdoors and reduce driving and other activities that cause air pollution. 

Air Quality Monitoring Locations & Cameras

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