Statewide Water Quality Management Working Group

The Statewide Water Quality Management Working Group (WQMWG) is an advisory committee to the ADEQ’s Surface Water Permits Unit. The working group includes Section 208 Designated Planning Agencies (DPA) and several other state agencies.

Each of the DPAs has developed a Water Quality Management Plan (208 plan) for their region.  A key responsibility of the Working Group is to make recommendations to ADEQ on 208 plan amendments and to assist with consistency reviews to ensure that new or changed facilities are consistent with 208 plans.

At the meetings, the group also discusses water quality issues of regional or statewide interest and facilitates regional coordination with other entities, such as the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Water Infrastructure Funding Authority, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

When appropriate, working group members may help disseminate information to local interested parties, such as municipal managers, elected officials, Designated Management Agencies, private wastewater facilities, consultants and others. 

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