Southern Regional Office (SRO): U.S. EPA EMPACT Project Partner

ADEQ is partnering with the Tucson Water Department, the the University of Arizona and several Pima County agencies, businesses and organizations to provide citizens near real-time information about the quality of their drinking water. This effort is made possible by an Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking (EMPACT) grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

ADEQ regulates Arizona public drinking water systems, such as Tucson Water, under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The Act requires the U.S. EPA to set drinking water quality standards and monitoring requirements to protect public health. Public water systems are responsible for complying with all state and federal requirements, including sampling, reporting and paying for all water quality analyses. ADEQ's Water Quality Compliance Section implements the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act by reviewing water quality monitoring data, inspecting public water systems and initiating enforcement actions when necessary.

ADEQ's role as a partner in the EMPACT project is to verify Tucson Water's compliance with federal and state drinking water regulations as stated in the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Arizona Administrative Code.

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