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Air Forecasting

ADEQ air quality meteorologists provide two types of air quality forecasts to serve and assist various communities, industry and agricultural operations in Arizona.

Air Quality Risk-Based (AQR) Forecasts

Dust (PM-10) – Risk-based air quality forecasts for dust.
ADEQ issues these forecasts to assist industrial and agricultural operations with reducing dust pollution through planning work activities. There are three dust risk categories – low, moderate and high – that ADEQ predicts based on risk factors, such as wind speed and rain. Dust air quality monitoring data are collected at many locations statewide on an hourly basis and used to refine future risk-based dust forecasts.
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Lead (Pb) – A proactive, risk-based air quality forecast for lead in Hayden, Arizona.
ADEQ studied historical weather patterns as they relate to lead air pollution in Hayden to develop three lead risk categories – low, moderate and high. Out of an abundance of caution, ADEQ’s risk-based lead forecast for Hayden predicts the possibility of reduced air quality due to lead. ADEQ monitors for air lead levels in Hayden according to EPA’s requirements (one sample every six days). These samples, which take a month to process, are analyzed by a certified laboratory. ADEQ is using these data to continue to refine future forecasts.

Air Quality Index (AQI) Forecast and Health Advisories

Based on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s AQI, which classifies pollution levels with respect to their potential health impacts (e.g., moderate, unhealthy), ADEQ provides air quality forecasts and when conditions warrant, issues public health advisories for areas in Maricopa County, Nogales, Tucson area and Yuma.  These advisories let the public, especially children, seniors and people with respiratory problems, know about reduced air quality conditions, provide advice about what they can do to protect their health and help reduce air pollution and for some areas, restrict certain activities.

Health Watch (HW) – Notifies the public when air pollution levels are expected to approach the federal health standard.

High Pollution Advisory (HPA) – Notifies the public when air pollution levels are expected to exceed the federal health standard | Learn More > 

Air Quality Monitoring Locations & Cameras

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