Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle Emissions Control Section (VECS)

Increasing vehicle use in Phoenix and Tucson contributes to air pollution, endangering public health. To improve air quality, ADEQ administers a mandatory vehicle emissions testing and repair program known as Vehicle Emissions Control Section (VECS) program.

VECS emphasizes the importance of vehicle maintenance to lower emissions and extend the life of your car. The program uses new testing technology and customer service measures to increase the effectiveness of emissions testing. This shortens the time customers spend in the testing process and results in cleaner air and better customer service.

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program (VVRP)

Arizona's Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program is designed to help those who have failed an emissions inspection offset the cost of repairing their vehicle. If your vehicle qualifies, the VVRP will assist you with the required repairs of your vehicle. The State of Arizona will pay up to $550 for repair of gasoline vehicles and up to $1000 for repair of heavy duty diesel vehicles. Customers in the program will co-pay the first $150 of repairs while the State will contribute up to the designated amounts.

ADEQ has pre-screened participating repair facilities (RRFP see below) ensuring a track record of at least 90% or better, post-repair first time emissions pass rates. This eliminates the need for you to find a repair facility.

Reducing Fees, Helping Customers

In 2014, ADEQ reduced vehicle emissions inspection fees by 25 percent for millions of Maricopa County motorists, lowering costs from $27.75 to $20. The agency also replaces faulty gas caps for free when vehicles in Maricopa and Pima counties fail the gas cap test during inspection. This means that motorists no longer need to drive off, purchase a new cap and return to the station for a retest. An estimated 75,000 customers a year benefit from the added convenience.

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division and Service Arizona controls registration, title questions, name/address changes and notification of “emissions test required.”

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Recognized Repair Facility Program (RRFP)

In 2015, there were approximately 51,165 On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) vehicles that were unready when presented for emissions inspection and another 145,351 vehicles that failed the emissions inspection test. In an effort to reduce these numbers, ADEQ’s VECS Program launched the Recognized Repair Facility Program | Learn More  >

Fleet Permits 

Learn more about the VECS Fleet program | Learn More  >


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