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Final Bills, Review, Appeals and Refunds: Page 2 of 2


You may request a hearing and file an appeal of ADEQ’s decision to the Office of Administrative Hearings after review of your final bill for the following fees: 

Air Quality
Final itemized bills for billable permit actions for individual air quality permits within 30 days after receipt of ADEQ’s decision (see AAC R18-2-326(G)(1)).

Hazardous Waste
Final bill for processing and issuance/denial of hazardous waste permit or permit modification within 30 days after receipt of ADEQ’s decision (see AAC R18-8-270(G)(7) and (8)).

Superior Court Appeals

You may file an appeal of ADEQ's decision to the Superior Court after review of the following fees:

Solid Waste
Final bills for plan review and issuance/denial of a solid waste facility plan (see AAC R18-13-703(A)).

Hazardous Waste
Final bill for amendment, issuance/denial, or renewal or biohazardous transporter license (see AAC R18-R18-13-1409(G)).

Refund Claims

  • Public Water Systems may submit a written request for refund or billing correction within 90 days of the invoice date, with a demonstration of an error in the amount billed (see AAC R18-4-305).
  • Underground Storage Tank Excise Tax claim for refund may be submitted on ADEQ forms; person denied a refund may request a hearing by the Office of Administrative Appeals within 30 days after receipt of notice of denial (see AAC R18-12-409).

If you file a timely Request for Hearing or Notice of Appeal, you may request an informal settlement conference with ADEQ (see Arizona Revised Statutes § 41-1092.06).